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Burglar alarm installation
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Leaving your home exposed to the whims of a criminal is inexcusable. Installing an alarm system will not only increase the security of your house but also the safety of your family.

Not only are alarm systems able to warn you of a breach and detect intruders they also detect the presence of;

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Smoke and other harmful substances in the environment
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Designed as crime deterrents or detectors, the alarm system will go off when an intruder is trying to get in, the load noise often scaring them away in the process, unless of course you want to catch the culprits in the act, in which you can enable ‘silent alarm’ feature that would alert you or a central monitoring system who will then alert the police.  

The are three main types of alarm security system;

  • Battery operated
  • Electricity operated
  • Wireless
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Alarms can be programmed to alert you directly when they go off. If you are away from your home you can receive the alert on your mobile phone or laptop. There are package deals offered by high-end home security alarms. the best of all security and safety tools are combined in these systems.

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